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Aves Fixit & Fixit Sculpt

Fixit & Fixit Sculpt

Fixit y Fixit Sculpt están disponibles en envases de 110 gr. y 440 gr.

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Apoxie Fixit products

Fixit Sculpt

  • Fixit Sculpt /440gr

    Aves Fixit Sculpt 440 grams

    17,00 EUR (precio sin 21% IVA .)

  • Fixit Sculpt /110gr

    Aves Fixit Sculpt 110 gram

    8,00 EUR (precio sin 21% IVA .)

  • Fixit Black /110gram

    Aves Fixit Black 110 gram

    8,90 EUR (precio sin 21% IVA .)


Reparar y esculpir a un nuevo nivel es emocionante. FIXIT Sculpt es ideal para muchas aplicaciones que requieren todas las características y beneficios del tradicional FIXIT más las excepcionales cualidades de escultura que le ofrece este nuevo producto. Tiene una sensación firme de una arcilla que resiste a la flacidez y las caídas; Mantiene detalles e impresiones. Tiene un tiempo de trabajo, generoso, de 4 horas. El acabado en plano es mate, acepta pinturas e imprimaciones. ¡Especial para el trabajo de esculturas intrincadas, para esculpir astas y huesos, para hacer reparaciones de cerámica y mucho más.


Ideal para aquellos que necesitan tiempo de trabajo adicional para trabajos de escultura intrincados. Excelente para arte de astas y huesos, o reparaciones de cerámica ... ¡más!


* Use guantes desechables apropiados [por ejemplo, vinilo o nitrilo] cuando mezcle las partes A y B ... [S 37]

Mida partes iguales de A&B; ambos tienen una consistencia similar a la masilla. Mezcle y amase durante 2 minutos o hasta que esté bien combinado y se logre un color uniforme. * Tenga en cuenta que una mezcla incompleta dará malos resultados.
FIXIT® Sculpt ahora está listo para usar y tiene un tiempo de trabajo de 3-4 horas. FIXIT® Sculpt se puede suavizar o texturizar con un dedo o una herramienta y agua antes de la instalación. Pinte mojado o seco.
Limpiar con agua y jabón o Aves® Safety Solvent.
* Se requiere un tiempo de curado de 24 horas para que el producto sea resistente al agua y para fines de acabado duro como lijado, esmerilado, taladrado, roscado, mecanizado, tallado, torneado, etc.
* La vida útil se puede extender refrigerando o congelando. FIXIT® Sculpt es estable a la congelación y descongelación.
* Mantenga los recipientes sellados cuando no estén en uso.
* Use gafas protectoras y mascarilla contra el polvo al lijar o pulir FIXIT® Sculpt curado ... [S 36]
* Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños ... [S 2]


*Wearing gloves when mixing A+B is not only helpful for clean up, but ensures thorough mixing of the product.

Características Apoxie Fixit Sculpt

  • FIXIT® is a self-hardening, 2-part product
  • Putty-like consistency
  • Extremely adhesive, durable and strong; stands up to UV, fuels, outdoors, etc.
  • Safe up to 500 degrees F.
  • Adheres to almost any clean surface including ceramic, fiberglass, foam, glass, metal, plastic, stone, wood, more!
  • Marine & Exterior Quality
  • Waterproof & non-conductive
  • 0% shrinkage/ 0% cracking
  • Open working time about 2-3 hours, cures hard overnight (24 hour full cure).
  • Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or can be tapped or drilled, sanded, filed, painted, or otherwise finished to match the repaired item
  • Non-hazardous, non-flammable; no solvents or fumes.
  • Conforms to ASTM D.4236.
  • Easy clean-up with Aves® Safety Solvent or soap & water


Apoxie Fixit is the ultimate permanent, self-hardening, synthetic clay. that combines the features & benefits of sculpting clay with those of epoxies. This product offers enhanced detail properties, plasticity, accuracy and handling features make this clay very user friendly. Apoxie Fixit offers superior modeling, impressions and detail finishing, with a flat skin-like texture.


Patches and fills holes and cracks, and fabricates parts. Use on doors, walls, dry wall & floors, tile, cement, grouting, chairs, cabinets, furniture, toys & dolls, jewelry, statues, tools, machine parts, and so much more. Ideal for antique restorations.

Sinks, oil and water tanks, seals and plugs leaks, etc. Permanent custom formed gaskets.
Boat, pool & aquarium repairs.
Safe for lines carrying potable water.

Dent/hole repairing. Great for fuel tanks, radiators, exhaust systems, metals and dissimilar component bonding. Safe up to 500 degrees F.

Indoor & outdoor displays. Theme park & aquarium repairs and fabrications. Motion picture studio effects and props. Statue repairs. Use in place of lead for stained glass windows. Model, hobby and craft uses such as rocket fillets and reinforcements, model cars, trucks, boats, planes, etc., and doll and figure character repairs, fabrications & customization.


*Wear appropriate disposable gloves [e.g., vinyl or nitrile] when blending parts A and B... [S 37]

Measure equal parts of A&B; both have a putty-like consistency. Mix & knead together 2 minutes or until thoroughly combined and a uniform color is achieved. *Note that incomplete mixing will give poor results.
FIXIT® is now ready to use and has a working time of 2-3 hrs. FIXIT® can be smoothed or textured with a finger or tool and water or Aves® Safety Solvent before set-up. Paint wet or dry.
Clean up with soap and water or Aves® Safety Solvent.
*24 hour cure time is required for product to be waterproof and for hard finishing purposes such as sanding, grinding, drilling, tapping, tooling, carving, lathing, etc.
*Shelf life can be extended by refrigerating or freezing. FIXIT® is freeze-thaw stable.
*Keep containers sealed when not in use.
*Wear goggles & dust mask when sanding or grinding cured FIXIT®... [S 36]
*Keep out of reach of children...[S 2]


*Wearing gloves when mixing A+B is not only helpful for clean up, but ensures thorough mixing of the product.

  • Premium Quality, User Friendly
  • Clay-like texture with superior plasticity, accuracy & handling
  • Enhanced detailing
  • 2-3 hour working time
  • Self-hardening, no ovens, kilns or fume
  • 0% shrinking & 0% cracking
  • Waterproof
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-hazardous, No solvents or fumes
  • Complies with ASTM D.4236.
  • Adheres permanently to clean surfaces: porcelain, ceramic, vinyl kits, polymers, foam, fiberglass, wood, some plastics, and more!
  • Hard & durable finish; can be sanded, tapped, drilled, carved, lathed, or otherwise tooled, without chipping, cracking or flaking. Paint or stain wet or dry.
  • Clay-like texture gives professional painting and finishing results
  • Freeze-thaw stable

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