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Concrete is inherently a porous material and often needs to be sealed for particular environments and uses. There are multitude of systems and products on the market used for sealing concrete. There is no magic answer, every sealer and system has pros and cons.

We offer 3 systems for sealing concrete, developed after many years of experience, trial and error, and observation. Like most things we value, concrete requires care and attention. We love concrete because of its handcrafted nature, ageless beauty, and ability to develop its own life story.

BR Reactive Polyurethane Sealer
This is our newest offering in the sealer collection. Buddy Rhodes Reactive Polyurethane Sealer is a hybrid sealer combining the benefits of both reactive sealing technology and a water borne urethane sealer. This sealer provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance, requiring very little maintenance for years of quality service.

ICT Concrete Treatment System
When applied well to high performance concrete, there is not a sealer in the market that can compete with ICT. This is a popular choice among professionals, but it requires close attention throughout the entire process of creating and finishing concrete.

Here’s the catch- ICT relies on the concrete you are applying it on. This is not a classic topical or penetrating sealer that cures to itself and sits on or in the concrete. This means that the curing, processing, and application of the sealer happens thoughtfully to increase the effectiveness of the system. Read More...

Buddy Rhodes Sealing System
Buddy’s system is a combination of penetrating sealer, a satin acrylic sealer, and beeswax. The penetrating sealer is a primer, the satin sealer is a protective coat that provides decent stain resistance, and the wax is an optional maintenance step.

This sealer system is easy to apply, easy to repair, and provides good protection, making it a great choice for many situations. Read

  • ICT Reactive
  • Reactive PU Sealers
  • Buddy Rhodes Sealing System

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Reactive PU Sealers

Buddy Rhodes Sealing System

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