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LIDE® STD Liquid Surface Tension Diffuser is an additive for platinum cure silicone rubber that creates a cured silicone piece with greatly reduced surface tension. Cured silicone slides across itself and different surfaces. SLIDE® STD is added as a percentage of Part B. Silicone surface must be exposed to air for 24 hours to bring out slide effect. Due to its ultra-low surface tension, SLIDE® STD is ideal for creating silicone masks, etc. The surface of a silicone casting created using SLIDE® STD has very low friction, allowing for ease of motion when cast silicone pieces need to glide over surfaces such as skin. Silicone will yellow over time. If yellowing is undesired, adding a Silc Pig® silicone pigment to the liquid rubber prior to mixing will color the silicone.

  • SlideSTD / 410 gr.

    SLIDE® STD es un aditivo para silicona de curado de platino. Con SLIDE podemos fabricar un objeto de silicona con una tensión superficial muy reducida. La silicona curada se desliza sobre sí misma y sobre diferentes superficies. SLIDE® STD se añade primero a la Parte B. La superficie de silicona debe estar expuesta al aire durante 24 horas para resaltar el efecto deslizante. Unidad 410 gr.

    14,55 EUR (precio sin 21% IVA .)

Warning - Allergen; people who are allergic to durian, tree nuts and tree nut derivatives or musk thistle seed should avoid contact with this product.

Safety - Use in a properly ventilated area ("room size" ventilation). Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk. Wear vinyl gloves only. Latex gloves will inhibit the cure of the rubber. Store and use material at room temperature (73ºF/23ºC). Warmer temperatures will drastically reduce working time and cure time. Storing material at warmer temperatures will also reduce the usable shelf life of unused material. These products have a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible.

Measuring & Mixing - SLIDE® STD is added by weight to Part B and should be thoroughly mixed into Part B before adding Part A. An accurate gram scale must be used. Calculate the correct amounts of Part A, Part B and SLIDE® STD in advance.

Weigh out the required amount of Part B.
Weight out and add up to 1.5% of SLIDE® STD as a percentage of the Part B. Mix Part B and SLIDE® STD thoroughly.
Weigh out and add the required amount of Part A.
Mix thoroughtly, eliminating all color streaks from the mixture.
Pour mixture into new, clean mixing container and mix again.
Pour rubber into containment field or mold.

Low Surface Tension Properties - In order for SLIDE® STD to exhibit it's ultra-low tension properties, the silicone surface must be exposed to air for at least 24 hours. After material cures for 16 hours, demold immediately and position the casting in such a way that all surfaces comes into contact with air. This will allow the material to develop a very low-friction surface.

Adhesion and Lamination - Once SLIDE® STD have developed its ultra-low surface tension properties, other platinum silicones (Psycho Paint®, Dragon Skin®, EcoFlex®, etc.) will not bond to a cured piece. in order to bond another silicone to a casting made using SLIDE® STD (painting with Psycho Paint®, for example) the new silicone must be applied before silicone with SLIDE® STD added develops it's low-friction surface.

Use In a Mold Material - Silicone molds created with SLIDE® STD are adhesive when casting urethane resins and other materials. If you use SLIDE® STD in your mold material, applying a release is necessary before casting.

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