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Ultra Fine Pigment

The Buddy Rhodes Signature Collection is a series of ultrafine concrete pigments that are used integrally in concrete mixes to produce a wide color range. The standard color range is based on one pound (bag) of pigment per bag of any of the blended mixes, but you can double that dosage for richer colors, reduce the amount of pigment for lighter tones, or blend the colors for various hues. The pigment is also used in conjunction with the Bone Paste Plus for filling voids in your finished concrete piece.


For best dispersion of color, add pigment to mix liquids and blend well prior to adding concrete mix or Bone Paste. For mottled colors, add pigment later in the mixing process, and blend to taste.

To match the color of the Bone Paste with your base color, begin by making a test swatch adding 1.5 teaspoons of pigment to 1 cup of Bone Paste. Make shade adjustments until desired color is achieved.

Please Note: Color swatches shown are for approximation only. Test castings should be made to ensure pigment suitability for your particular project.

  • Ultra Fine Pig. 1 Lbs
  • Ultra Fine Pig. 5 Lbs
  • Ultra Fine Pig. 20 Lbs
  • Ultra Fine Pig. 80 Lbs

Ultra Fine Pigments 1 Lbs

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Ultra Fine Pigments 5 Lbs

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Ultra Fine Pigments 20 Lbs

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Ultra Fine Pigments 80 Lbs

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